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Pick Your Own Blueberries Pick-Your-Own Blueberries

Blueberries are neither native to Maryland nor to the local growing conditions. They require a large investment to establish and maintain. As a result, we are only one of a few farms growing blueberries in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

Friends and visitors from near and far come to experience the fun at FarmAtHome, located approximately 30 minutes west of Washington D.C. You'll find plenty of fresh air and free parking, and the fields are within close walking distance to the parking area. You may notice more underlying vegetation surrounding each plant than on other farms because we try to minimize the use of agricultural chemicals. We have a wide variety of blueberry bushes so you are assured an abundant supply of fresh, plump blueberries on weekends between late-June through late-July.

FarmAtHome supplies free plastic-bag lined picking buckets of various size/shapes for your convenience. Feel free to bring your own container. We charge by the pound after you have finished picking. A one pound minimum per adult is imposed to ensure that all visitors to the farm contribute to the costs of its maintenance. For larger groups (>10), we generally require that the minimum is paid upon entrance to our fields.

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In addition to pick-your-own blueberries during the picking season, FarmAtHome offers an informal fresh selection of certain in-season fruits and vegetables grown at local farms and on the Eastern Shore. This includes fresh peaches, cantaloupe, watermelon, sweet corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash.

FarmAtHome offers a slection of blueberry-themed products including various blueberry preserves, baking mixes, honey sticks and blueberry tea. We maintain a small supply of toys to keep interested children preoccupied.

Please send us an e-mail if there is a special request for an item that you would like to see at FarmAtHome.

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